Open Dialogue: Opportunities and Challenges in Training Future Educators

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin [HU] constantly strives to promote strong cooperation with its European partners in education and research. Supported by the German Academic Exchange Service [DAAD] within the funding line “Dialogue with the Western Balkans” HU currently prepares a Kick-Off Workshop on the topic “Open Dialogue: Opportunities and Challenges in Training Future Educators” in late autumn 2019. With this workshop we would like to give the opportunity for interested and motivated scholars and junior researchers to get in touch with their colleagues from HU and elaborate on common topics and possible joint projects. The Kick-Off Workshop serves as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange and as an “idea incubator” for further projects.In order to ensure an effective and constructive work on relevant issues in the bigger frame of “teacher training” we identified three aspects (working groups) with potential for further cooperation:

1. Didactics of Geography
2. Teacher Education for Inclusive Schools
3. Basic Education in Computer Science
4. English as a medium of instruction

We invite you to apply if you

  • are interested in an academic exchange in one of the topics mentioned above
  • are motivated to strengthen your research and teaching activities in an international context
  • are willing to take actively part in the workshop and contribute to the discussions
  • are an academic member of an university located in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.

We actively invite junior researchers (young post-docs) as well as PhD students to apply! The language of the programme is English. It may change to German if every participant in one workshop group is proficient in German.

Further information relating to the event can be found in the link below:
International Kick-Off Workshop at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin